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When most of us go for personal training sessions, we can’t help thinking about what great bodies our personal trainers have. And this makes us feel inadequate as far as our own bodies are concerned. Sometimes, it also makes us try a little too hard to perform certain exercises because we want to show our personal trainers that we can do it. Unfortunately, this can result in an injury. Here’s what your personal trainer is actually thinking about during your sessions:

She Doesn’t Need to Lose Weight

A lot of women these days go to personal trainers because they want to lose weight or look slimmer. Even if a woman is at a healthy weight, she might still want to lose weight and become underweight, just to have a more fashionable look. And unfortunately, our friends and family encourage us to do these things without realizing that it’s not good for your health.

Often, a woman will come to a personal trainer to lose weight and the trainer might be thinking: why? Since it’s every trainer’s job to help the client get what they want, the trainer might not say anything about your goals, unless they’re seriously self-destructive. So it’s a good idea to get your trainer’s input about what they think your goal should be. Maybe they’ll recommend that you try to build more muscle instead of trying to lose weight.

He Needs to Start Working on Both, Upper and Lower Body

A lot of men want amazing arms. This is because we see men with great upper bodies in movies and in advertisements. The thing is that we don’t always see the lower bodies of these men, so we don’t realize that they’re working their legs and glutes as well as their pectorals and arms.

Many men will go to a personal trainer and tell them what they want as far as upper body is concerned. But the trainer is probably thinking that you need to work on your lower body too.

He Needs Functional Muscles

Often, men go to the gym because they want flashy muscles that they’ll be able to show off on the beach or elsewhere. These types of muscles look good. They’re big, they’re chiselled and they’re attractive to women. But they’re not exactly functional. Sometimes, having extremely big muscles can actually get in the way of doing things.

If you’ve ever looked at long-distance runners, you must have noticed that they’re lean rather than extremely muscular. As far as stamina is concerned, a lean, athletic body is better than a very muscular one. A lean body is also good for hiking, stretching, cleaning up the home and other daily activities. It helps you to be more agile which a very muscular body doesn’t.

So when you’re building muscle, you can try to go for lean muscle that will help you in day-to-day life. This is what any personal trainer will tell you if you ask.

S/he Needs a Stronger Core

Most of us are looking to develop nice ab muscles. But this isn’t the same as having a stronger core. In order to have a stronger core, you need strong ab muscles and strong back muscles too. Plus, you need to have strong oblique muscles—the ones on the sides of your abs.

Most personal trainers can tell when you’ve been living a sedentary life because you’ll be using your back to compensate for exercises which should only be using your arms and legs. Often, this is even true of people who are quite muscular overall. This type of compensation is dangerous and you might end up pulling muscles and causing back pain in the future.

You might be telling your trainer that you want nicer arms or legs but it’s quite possible that they’re thinking you need to be working your core instead.

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