Weight loss is always among the most common fitness goals people set for themselves throughout the year and it is especially popular this time in the season as we enter a brand new year.

The reasons for wanting to losing weight differs from person to person and can range from wanting to shed extra pounds gained during the holidays, to get ready for an upcoming beach vacation, to finally reach an ideal healthy weight, or just to start the new year with a slimmer and fitter body.

But while weight loss is a health goal that many undertake with lots of optimism and enthusiasm, it usually doesn’t take long for those positive feelings to turn into frustration simply because weight loss is much easier in theory than in reality.

If you’re just starting your weight loss journey or have been struggling with your weight loss goals, here are a few reasons Why Wight Loss Is So Frustrating and how to overcome them:

It’s takes a long time

The main reason many get frustrated when trying to lose weight is that any real and significant (non-water) weight loss takes a long time to achieve.

How fast you can healthily lose weight depends on your starting weight, your lifestyle and overall health, but no matter what your situation is weight loss typically happens slower than you would probably like it to.

The solution to this very frustrating aspect of weight loss is to learn to accept this fact and to try to think of weight loss as a marathon and not a sprint: it may take longer to complete, but it’ll be so much more rewarding in the end if you stick to it.

It’s not the same for everyone

Another incredibly frustrating part of weight loss is the fact that it’s not the same for everyone and so it can get discouraging when you see different levels of success in other people’s weight loss journeys compared to your own.

Whether it’s from different metabolism, genetics, or hidden factors that you don’t even know about their body and lifestyle, no two people will lose weight the same way or at the same pace.

The best way to overcome the frustration that comes from this reality is to forget about everyone else’s weight loss journey and focus on your own. Do your best to fully appreciate your body and all the amazing things that it can do, rather than what it can’t.

Weight loss isn’t always linear



It’s tiring  

Let’s not forget a hugely frustrating aspect of weight loss that affects all other aspects of our lives, which is the fact that it’s both physically and mentally tiring.

From planning meals, counting calories, and maintaining a regular, varied and fulfilling exercise routine on a day-to-day basis, striving for weight loss is truly exhausting!

The only way to really overcome the frustration that comes from being tired chasing your weight loss goals is to pace yourself and give yourself a break now and then.

This might be hard to do if you have a specific date that you’re hoping to lose a certain number of pounds by, but overexerting yourself can actually cause injury and drastically slow down your weight loss – which is likely the last thing you want to have happen!

It’s unpredictable

And finally, possibly the most frustrating part of weight loss is that no matter how organized you are about your diet and exercise, weight loss is often unpredictable.

Sure, you can calculate the optimal number of daily calories to consume and burn, maintain a strict and intense workout plan and otherwise follow all of the necessary weight loss “rules”, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll consistently lose weight at the rate that you expect to and from the parts of your body you believe needs the most work.

The solution

Instead of getting frustrated when, despite your efforts, your weight loss doesn’t happen as you predict it to, focus rather on the big picture of your health.

Remember that the number on the scale should never be your only indicator of success because the way you look and feel, and your physical strength, speed, and flexibility all say a lot more about your efforts towards better health than anything else ever could.