Working out is never easy – whether you’re suffering from a bad case of gym-timidation or hit a solid plateau and can’t seem to find a way out. Or perhaps, you’re a new mom struggling to come to terms with plummeting levels of strength and fitness. In other words, no matter where you are in your health journey, the exercise part of it can feel unbearable sometimes.


One way to overcome these issues is to seek professional help – especially if you’ve never dabbled into the world of personal training before! Hiring a PT can be a truly life-changing experience, as the right trainer can:

  • Provide guidance, knowledge and support
  • Help you focus on your session, leaving out any distractions
  • Create a personalised exercise plan tailored to your goals
  • Help with basic nutrition planning and tips (and no, you probably haven’t mastered those intricate basics – very few people have!)
  • Boost your confidence
  • Provide extra motivation to keep challenging yourself


Feeling inspired, but not completely convinced? We might just have a few reasons to make you book that PT session!


We’ve searched the internet far and wide for the most unbelievable personal training success stories – and today, we’d like to share the joy of these people with you.



Fit at 50: age is no excuse


The Oxygen Magazine reports a story of the beautiful Wendy Mills, who has started her fitness journey at the age of 46. It all started smoothly – via minor dietary adjustments and minimal exercise, she was able to drop as much as 55 pounds. This felt great, wasn’t quite enough – and worse still, Wendy felt like she has hit the dreaded plateau.


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She signed up with a personal trainer, who immediately incorporated more resistance work into her regimen. Weight, bands, medicine balls – you name it, Wendy’s PT tried everything to help her become her fittest by the age of 50 whilst enjoying the process…and so she did!


In fact, Wendy has reached her weight goal 2 years before the planned milestone! And now, at the age of 50, she admits she’s indeed the fittest she’s ever been, crediting a major portion of her unbelievable success to the PT sessions.


Now people on the bigger side are both judged harshly by fashion and beauty police and constantly bombarded with radical messages of simply being who they are, for striving for weight loss is apparently a shallow, artificial goal. And the latter isn’t necessarily helpful, as for someone who’s been struggling with body image for quite some time, it’s not realistic to suddenly start practising unconditional self-love.


Fighting Crohn’s disease with exercise


Crohn’s disease is an incurable gastrointestinal disorder, which manifests in terrible pain, cramps and diarrhoea due to serious inflammation in the colon. During flare-up periods, people suffering from this condition often struggle to go about their normal days, let alone exercise.


When Daniel approached Fit For Living for personal training, he struggled to exercise – and yet really wanted to. To reduce the risk of backing off, not only he signed up with a personal trainer, but also entered a local 12-week body transformation challenge.


As a result of constant encouragement from his PT, Daniel was able to lose a lot of weight, but more importantly, finally stick to his new lifestyle! His previous attempts failed miserably, and it’s safe to say that personal training really changed the game.


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From couch potatoes to raising a baby



But what happens when each one of them is carrying excess weight? Definitely not a baby.


Obesity has devastating effects on fertility. In women, it disrupts the intricate hormonal balance, causing irregular ovulation and unpredictable periods. In men, obesity can lead to erectile dysfunction, and also cause libido-crushing hormonal changes. So if both partners are overweight, chances of conception are not great – and even worse, even if an overweight woman does get pregnant, miscarriages are very common.


Josh and Leah, interviewed by Nerd Fitness, were in a similar situation. Their habits – both nutritional and exercise-related – were absolutely terrible, and the desire to change alone simply wouldn’t cut it. The couple desperately wanted to start a family, so they needed help, quick!


After dropping 160 pounds combined, it’s now hard to believe that Leah and Josh once dreaded the gym, feeling deeply intimidated by all the equipment and muscular individuals in tight clothing bouncing around effortlessly. Fortunately, instead of cancelling their membership, the couple decided to give personal training a go – and this was a life changing step for them.


We’ve mentioned the weight drop already, but we’re yet to mention that Josh and Leah are now leading a healthy lifestyle to provide a great example for their 18-month old baby girl. Dreams do come true – with sweat, dedication, and personal training.


Fitness against diabetes


What can be more life-changing than fighting a dangerous medical condition with the power of exercise? A certified personal trainer Igor Klibanov once told an unbelievable story about helping one of his clients, Mandy, to reverse type II diabetes by following his advice on strength training and nutrition.


Upon first discovering she was diabetic, Mandy was devastated, but not too surprised – she mentioned the disease ran in her family. With no further do, the first doctor she saw put her straight on medications without delivering lifestyle advice first. Of course, medications worked for a while – but as necessary lifestyle education hasn’t been delivered, they soon stopped working. Then, there was dosage raising and more of it.


And then, someone told Mandy she needed to exercise more – so she started going to the gym.


Initially, any kind of exercise seemed to really help keep the disease at bay – however, soon endless cardio sessions stopped bringing the benefits. This is when Mandy contacted Igor, who put together a plan for her, educated Mandy on the benefits of strength training, and basically provided essential knowledge and reassurance for her to keep improving her health.


And then, Mandy – under medical supervision, of course – was able to go off some medication entirely and decrease the dosage for a few others. Even without medication, her blood sugar levels are now on the higher end of normal – not perfect, but not technically diabetic either! This just shows how important proper nutrition and exercise are. Not always a cure, but always an aid, especially when prescribed by a knowledgeable professional


Inspired by these incredible stories? Wait no more and book your PT session today!


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