Personal Training

GET LEAN BY GETTING STRONG” may seem like the personal training mantra of those who have already committed to a fit lifestyle, but if you have not yet started on the path to your health and fitness goals, this statement is a great place to start your journey. “Getting strong” is at the core of the physical and mental tools we all hold within, to accomplish our desired goals.

What is the Inspiration for Getting Strong?

We all need inspiration to do the things that develop our lives by the methods we choose. No matter what the goal, lack of inspiration translates into lack of action. As someone who desires better health, inspiration can come in many forms. It could be the doctor’s advice during your annual physical, the image you see in the mirror, or a conversation with someone who cares about you.

Strength Comes In Many Forms

Whether your catalyst for change comes from your own insight or a “wake-up call” from outside your own psyche, developing your strengths to actively accomplish what you set out to do takes courage and fortitude. In order to become more fit and increasingly healthy, appropriately accessing both mental and physical strength is essential for:

  • Recognizing the need for change
  • Determining your goals and developing the best ways to accomplish them
  • Accessing the motivation you need to accomplish your chosen program
  • Keeping the positive outlook needed to achieve success in your endeavor
  • Creating strategies for sustaining and elevating your desired goals

Strategies to Implement a Leaner Lifestyle By Getting Stronger

You have defined your goals for better health and a leaner body. Now what? How do you further your quest to find the best means to bring your ideal health goals to fruition?

You can motivate towards your goals every day, by integrating these basic strategies for success, into your daily routine:

  1. If you are initially unable to reach your milestones, cultivate positive thinking by redirecting your efforts to re-establish your energy. Imagining yourself as you wish to be will push you toward your goals, faster than you may believe! 
  2. Seek support and encouragement from experts in the health and fitness field, as well as the important people in your life.
  3. Learn the simple but powerful word, “no” when it comes to obstacles.
  4. Recognize that set-backs and short-term failures are temporary and part of the process of reaching your ultimate goals.
  5. Develop discipline with regular routines.
  6. Look inward and communicate effectively with others for assistance in recognizing and diminishing barriers to your success.
  7. Establish positive rewards for progress and a job well done.
  8. Write down what you want to achieve. You can even post appropriate inspirational quotes or prescribe other inspirational reading to help you on your way. Checklists or goal trackers are a good way to document your progress and tweak your goals.
  9. Care for your well-being above everything else. Optimal self-care gives you the resources you need to care for others and is the key to optimism throughout life. If you have mental or emotional issues that are so overwhelming that you cannot effectively handle them on your own, seek professional help. Effectively caring for yourself makes all life challenges easier.
  10. Never give up! No one accomplishes all they attempt to do, all the time. Give yourself credit for your attempts and failures, while mustering your personal arsenal to try again.

If you are considering embarking on a new fitness lifestyle, contact us to help you every step of the way. Consult with our experienced staff for a personal approach to developing and implementing the best fitness program for you, based on your individual needs.

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