So you want to start running? You’ve heard it’s inexpensive, great for your health, the best way to lose weight (and keep it off). You know someone who loves running but for some reason you have never taken too it. As personal trainers we see this all the time. It’s usually because people have a bad experience the first few times they start running. So I have put together this guide to guarantee you get started and work up to achieving 5K runs.

Bonus: If you are planning on running or combining running with your current program, you are guaranteed to lose even more bodyfat on this program.

Running looks like a straightforward enough sport. There’s only one thing that’s bothering you: if running’s so simple, why do you have so many questions? You’re not alone.

Every beginner worries about how to get started and has a lot to ask – about how to get motivated, what to eat, how to avoid injuries and when, where and how much to run. No problem. We’ve got the answers – from experts who have been teaching beginners for years, and from others who’ve certainly been around the block. Every runner began with a first step. You can, too.

One of the best programs out there for beginners is the Couch to 5k. First developed in the late 90’s the NHS has advocated the Couch to 5k program to help 100’00’s of people to lead healthier lives. I’ve been testing a few iphone app’s to make the process even easier for you and here is my recommendation.


Couch to 5K Runner, 0 to 5K run training App


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I found this app to be fantastic due to a few things. The key points for me are that the app allows your own music to play whilst simultaneously giving you voice commands to run and walk. The positive motivation from the female or male voice is a bonus too. It’s one of the easiest apps to get set up and it even gives you the choice of when to organise your runs. The dashboard is easy to read and navigate plus there is a handy lock feature to prevent you accidentally touching the screen. The couch to 5k program suggest’ you complete 3 runs per week, but this app doesn’t force you to pre-set the days you plan to run. Just check of the runs when you are ready to start them.

This app has won multiple awards (see below), is the most effective & popular 0-5K app and is highly recommended by health & fitness experts.

● All Features fully enabled, and no ads
● Alternating walk / run intervals
● Run segments gradually increase over 8 weeks
● Human coach voice through your headphones that tells you when to walk / run.
● Listen to your music and the coach will blend in
● Control music through the app or headphones
● Compatible with Nike+ and all other GPS apps
● Compatible with all music apps
● Giant community of 0-5K runners on Facebook
● Earn achievements & badges as you advance
● Integrated with Facebook & Twitter
● Outdoors or Treadmill

GPS & Apple Health
● Built in GPS & Distance Tracking, also when app is in background
● Integrated with Apple Health for Calorie calculation & saving workouts

Part of falling in love with anything is to experience some level of enjoyment—and at least you need to like whatever you’re doing. Some people can’t stomach exercising in a gym for example, so their best bet might be running or a boot camp. Other folks love yoga. While it’s important to incorporate strength training and cardio in a fitness routine, it’s also key to do what you love. Why torture yourself with an activity you hate? It’s not realistic for everyday living. It would be like coming home to your husband and having him immediately run into the other room on a daily basis. It just wouldn’t work for ‘love.’ So good luck with your “couch to 5k” and here is a little bit more motivation. Watch the video below.