personal training tips

Exercise motivation tends to be at an all time low during winter, especially around food-oriented holidays like Christmas. However, all the stuffing and mashed potatoes are not an excuse to push exercise to the back of your mind. Though difficult at the time, your trousers and stomach will thank you in the long run if you use our personal training tips to stay motivated.

Diet does not have to mean cutting out all the food, it means cut back. Do not allow everyone else’s overfilled plates to encourage you to pile on the sides. If you commonly eat small portions, stick to those same small portions. Take smaller scoops of the sides. Then, once you have finished your plate, get up and take a walk. This will help to digest the food as well as keep you from taking unnecessary second helpings.

Use the holiday cheer as fitness motivation. Assign an exercise to a different color – then count the ornaments on the tree or lights on the strings of each color. Ten red ones equals ten minute jog. Five purple ones means you need to do five sets of ten sit ups. This way you remain in a festive mood as you get your heart rate up.

Do not let laziness around you influence you. Just because those around you are uninterested in working out or watching what they eat does not mean you have to fall into that same mindset. While it is nice to relax and watch A Christmas Carol or How the Grinch Stole Christmas on repeat, always consider exercising while you enjoy watching television. Examples of this include squats and jumping jacks.

A little indulgence is okay, just remember to keep moderation in mind as you enjoy all the goodies. If you eat 500 calories over your maintenance intake one day and eat 500 calories under your maintenance intake, things will balance out over time and no weight gain will be seen. The calories in vs calories out method is an overly simplified way to takle nutrition but it helps the majority of people get it right. If you want to learn more about why all caloires are not created equal then ready this article.

Obviously it won’t always be this perfect – calories over versus calories under, but taking steps to get it close to where it should be is going to put you in a lot better of a position in the new year than if you simply opted to ‘put the day behind you’.

Put the meal behind you – don’t let it lead to a week-long binge or completely giving up on trying to remain healthy over the holiday season, but don’t neglect to take action the next day to ‘fix’ the previous day’s eating. Stay on track this christmas and don’t make mistakes you are going to regret in the new year.

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