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When it comes to nutrition, we do the heavy lifting for you.

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Included In Every Package

We believe nutrition is just as important as exercise when it comes to achieving your goals. That's why we don't charge extra for diet plans like some other personal trainers. Everyone of our packages includes all the nutritional support you need.

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Our Step By Step Process

We follow the scientifically proven nutritional pyramid model. We don't believe nutrition needs to be made difficult. Take a look at our process below.


Determine Calorie Requirements

Firstly we determine your goals, weight, bodyfat percentage and then calculate your calorie requirements accordingly.


Adjust Macro Goals

Next, we adjust your protein, carb & fat ratios to meet your goals. These simple percentages are the foundation of changing your body composition.


Build Daily Plan

Building your plan is a little more tricky, that's why we do it all for you. We add food items to your plan to ultimate achieve your calorie/macro goals.



To make things even easier for you we may add supplementation. We will also adjust your diet plan as you progress on your journey.

Watch How Easy It Is To Log Nutrition

Our app holds the world’s largest verified nutrition database, containing over 600,000+ food items. When clients log nutrition through the app they have the ability to use the barcode scanner, search for a food item manually and select from ‘frequent’ & ‘recent’ logged food items.

You Nutritional Plan In Your Pocket

Our nutritional approach works hand in hand with our Personal Training App. You can view your daily plan, log nutrition, scan barcodes and even generate a shopping list for the week. Find out more here.


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