In the United Kingdom, healthcare standards are high – but unfortunately, sometimes the demand for additional funds is even higher. Whilst general populations may be well cared for, there are vulnerable patient populations that would benefit immensely from innovative research, new equipment, and staff training that helps doctors, nurses and carers understand their needs better.


Oxford Hospitals Charity (registered charity 1175809) is fully dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare in the region, having a positive impact on lives of two million people across the region and far beyond, in 5 major hospitals. Where the NHS funds alone are not enough, Oxford Hospitals Charity provides additional support to individuals who need it most, such as paediatric patients with rare diseases, people fighting cancer, and those with lesser known conditions that may require special treatment options not included in the health scheme.


Oxfordshire Personal Training Charity Abseil 2


Some of the most recent projects funded by Oxford Hospitals Charity include:

  • A unique project to help families of prematurely born babies stay close to their little ones via innovative video updates sent directly to their devices
  • A 3D printing breakthrough that allows assessing complex problems that cannot be fully understood via conventional testing. For example, orthopaedic surgeons are now able to print models of bones from CT scans in addition to less informative X-rays, which provides an opportunity to print dynamic plastic models of bones and joints, addressing puzzling issues in a timely manner.
  • A new, sensitive cardiac pacing system that is also very intuitive and helps control heart problems in many patients, saving many lives daily.
  • And many more!


Unfortunately, many of these projects, albeit vital for the health and wellbeing of certain patient populations, are very costly. This means that no matter how carefully the funds are managed, there is always a need for extra support. To address this, the Oxford Hospitals Charity team is constantly coming up with fundraising ideas that are fun for the community and supporters, engaging for the media, and, of course, help cover the costs of solutions that often make a difference between happiness and struggle, or even life and death.


One of the latest initiatives is “Lean in to it” – the ultimate charity abseil event for anyone who’d like to support the charity whilst having the time of their life!


Oxfordshire Personal Training Charity Abseil


In case you aren’t familiar with this fun activity, abseiling involves descending a rock face or other vertical flat surface (think going down a tall building Spiderman-style!) in a controlled manner, thanks to a doubled rope securely coiled around the body and firmly fixed at the starting point.


The event for Oxford Hospitals Charity will take place on Sunday 23rd September at 10am, with participants from Oxfordshire Personal Training taking part in a 100ft abseil down the side of Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital. All money raised will go towards the needs of the Children’s Hospital.


This fun activity may sound a bit extreme but is in fact very safe when professionals are involved (and of course, Oxford Hospitals Charity wouldn’t have it any other way!). Abseiling is also very far from an uncontrolled slide down, as the speed of descent is regulated by a friction device that the participant can safely operate any time, as it’s a part of the harness.


It’s all fun and games, but at Oxford Hospitals Charity, staff members prefer to practice what they preach.  For the staff and customers of Oxfordshire Personal Training, there is nothing more exciting than promoting healthy, active living whilst raising funds for those in need.


Fifteen customers and staff members from Oxfordshire Personal Training have volunteered to participate in the Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital abseil, getting their ropes ready for Sunday 23rd September. And the best part is, everyone is welcome to join them, and they are hoping to share the wall with as many people as possible at 10 am sharp!


Oxfordshire Personal Training Charity Abseil


If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to tackle your fear of heights, try something new, improve your abseiling skills, or simply participate in a large inspiring community event supporting an excellent cause, this is your chance! Out team is now full, but you are more than welcome to create your own team and register for the event.


There are numerous benefits of abseiling, including but not limited to:

  • Mental stimulation – from putting on the equipment to coming down, abseiling tickles your brain just enough to get engaged but doesn’t ruin the fun
  • Building teamwork and leadership skills
  • Meeting likeminded people
  • Boosting confidence


Not to mention you will be contributing to health and wellbeing of the littlest, most vulnerable patients under the wing of Oxford Hospitals Charity!


We fully understand that not everyone can or wants to participate in the actual abseiling part of the event. However, it is still extremely fun to watch – so come one, come all, support the team and other brave abseiling enthusiasts, cheer for your favourites and take a photo or two!


In addition, you can help by spreading the word about this fun, one-of-a-kind charity event.


If you can’t make it, please consider contributing to the work of Oxford Hospitals Charity by donating (details are available on the official website – and you can even pick a cause to support), setting up a different fundraiser, following the social media channels, sharing the posts and raising awareness of the issues British hospitals encounter.


Oxfordshire Personal Training


Together, we can make a big difference by taking little steps!


We are sincerely hoping to see you conquering the walls of Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital with us on Sunday 23rd September at 10am. See you then!