If you’re looking to take better care of yourself or achieve weight loss, then you’ve probably already implemented a fitness regimen that you can stick to throughout the week. However, it’s no secret that nutrition is just as important as exercise, regardless of what your specific fitness goals may be. And sticking to great nutrition is a lot easier when your meals are already prepped for you. New to meal prep? We’ve got five steps to fitness meal prep that’ll have you on the path to success in no time.

1. Start With Quality Containers

The idea of meal prep is that you spend one afternoon or evening preparing all your meals for the week so that you can have plenty of nutritious, healthy options ready for you when you need them. As a result, you’re less likely to fall off the wagon and grab something unhealthy from your local drive-thru.

In order to prepare your meals, you’ll need to start by investing in some quality meal prep containers. To keep your food as fresh as possible, we recommend glass storage containers with tight-fitting lids that won’t warp over time. Also, be sure to purchase containers in a variety of sizes for main dishes, snacks, and everything in between.


pasta.png2. Choose a Lasting Base Ingredient

You’ll want to select at least one base ingredient that you can prepare a large portion of and incorporate into each of your meals for the week. Healthy carbs are a great option here, so consider options like whole grain rice, pasta, or even quinoa. After all, complex carbohydrates are excellent for helping fuel your workouts and keeping you feeling fuller for longer. You can prep a large batch of this at once and add a small portion to each of your meal containers.

Of course, if you anticipate having a “rest day” during the week, where you don’t plan on being very active, you may want to replace the base ingredient with something lower in carbs, such as spinach or lettuce.

3. Pick a Nutritious Vegetable

No meal is complete without a vegetable of some kind, so choose wisely. If you’re looking to save on time without sacrificing flavor, stock up on the steam-ready vegetable bags you can find in your grocery store’s freezer aisle. Most of these contain a few servings per bag, so if you steam two different bags, you’re pretty much set for the week in terms of your veggies. You can portion these out into each of your meal containers and keep them in their own separate containers.

 *If you are looking for a free way to calculate your calories or plan your diet then download our Free Nutrition Planner.xls. Click here.

4. Select Your Go-To Protein

You’ll also want to select a protein-packed meat to prepare for the week. Of course, you don’t want to feel like you’re eating the same thing every single day, so you’ll want to prepare and season it sparingly because you can add your own variety of seasonings and flavors to each individual container. Some great proteins to consider for your meals include chicken, turkey, fish, and even steak.


5. Mix it Up With Sauces and Seasonings

This is where you can have a little bit of fun and change up the flavors in each of your meals for the week. Pick a variety of seasonings or sauces that appeal to you and incorporate them into each container. For example, if you’ve prepared a batch of chopped chicken breast for the week, you can add different dimensions of flavor by seasoning with a lemon-garlic sauce, cajun seasoning, Italian dressing, or even a combination of herbs.

As you can see, with just a little bit of foresight and planning, you can have all your meals ready-to-go for the week. For more help in achieving your health and fitness goals, contact us today!


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