exercise routine.

We all know that exercise is good for us. It releases endorphins, builds strength and makes us healthier. Research has even shown that exercise helps fight off depression and anxiety. Not just in a mild way but more significantly than anti-depressants and conventional forms of treatment. This beginner’s guide will help you get into and stay with an exercise routine.

#1 – Accept that exercise is a necessity and not optional

Exercise shouldn’t be something we allow our mind to make excuses for. If you miss a day, no big deal but you can’t regress and allow yourself to neglect your physical needs day-in and day-out. Our mind and body require daily exercise. Some days you will feel like you are pushing yourself to the limit but accepting that it’s a necessity and you must exercise is the first step.

#2 – Understand the mental health gains of exercise

Strength training is not just about physical gains. Our mental health is a valuable part of our existence, far more valuable than any physical attribute. Regular exercise helps us feel better about ourselves so that we can be happy and fulfilled on a regular basis. The more you exercise and the harder you push yourself, the more likely you are to feel confident and calm in situations that once made you uneasy.

#3 – Exercise different muscle groups

One way to make exercising a bit more fun is to exercise different muscle groups. Don’t just stay with the same routine everyday. Not only does this limit your muscle growth by not giving your muscles time to rest, it makes working out seem repetitive and boring. Hype yourself up by getting excited about the individual muscles you will be working on for that day.

#4 – Listen to music and try to enjoy the process

Music distracts you from what you are doing but try to listen to music and thoroughly enjoy the process of becoming stronger at the same time. Every time you go to the gym, you are building a bigger and better you. You are cultivating the drive that is necessary to succeed in other aspects of life.

#5 – Consider a personal trainer

A trainer will not allow for slacking off. They will give you a vigorous routine and push you to your limits. By getting connected with a personal trainer, you can push yourself to a higher level of exercise. You can no longer make excuses when someone is there telling you that you can do that extra bicep curl or that last bench press rep. Your trainer will have your best interest at heart.

This beginner’s guide to getting into exercise can help you understand and enjoy the process more. If you have questions on personal training or the benefits of having your own personal trainer, please contact us.

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