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  • Program Design: Receive specific programs written for you.
  • Nutrition Plans: Collaborate to build your unique dietary plan.
  • Analysis: Track your progress and see the results.
  • Messaging: Constant contact with your personal trainer on the go.

Our service includes

Free access to our Personal Training App. All of your training, nutrition, supplementation, body composition measurements and communication will be stored in your handy iphone/android & web app.

Your Program

Your personal trainer will create and upload a completely unique workout program designed for your needs. Every program/workout will be available from inside our app.

Your Measurements

We track 19 different metrics related to your body composition inside our personal training app. Fancy charts make all of this data easily digestible on your smartphone, laptop or other internet enabled device.

Your Nutrition

Every nutritional plan your trainer creates for you can be viewed, changed and downloaded inside our app. You can see the calorie and macro breakdown of every meal as well as log your food on the go.

Exercise Videos

Never forget an exercise again. Our programs all come with a full video library to demonstrate each and every exercise. With over 3000 videos you will never forget an exercise again. This comes in handy when your trainer assigns your workouts to do at home or on holiday.New

Your Progress

Progress is the main aim whether your goals is to lift more weights, run faster or lose weight. Thats why our personal training app is fully featured with ways for you to log your progress and share the information between you and the trainer.


Your Messages

You are never far from your personal trainer. The built in messages app allows for you to keep in touch with your personal trainer at all times. You will be surprised how handy it is having a personal trainers recommendation always available.

  • darren mcnamara
    “By having 2 sessions a week with Nick and constant monitoring of my diet ensuring I eat the right groups at the right amount to achieve my goals, first to lose weight then to maintain weight and build muscle. Smart phone apps to monitor my calories, carbs, fat and protein intake have been invaluable as have the supplements recommended by Nick to assist my diet and pre and post workouts.”
    Darren Mcnamara
    Personal Training Client
  • nick blacow
    ““Somebody said it Couldn't be done” Two years ago I was 220lbs, had very high blood pressure and was on the highest dose of Beta Blockers that was normally allowed. Two years later I am 40lbs lighter in weight (but I have converted even more lard into steak) my BP is back down to normal and I am Beta Blocker Free. Mission Accomplished! I couldn't have done it without the help of Nicky Eagle and Hannah Lewis at Oxfordshire Personal Training.com and of course my fellow Bootcampers who are too numerous to name. And of course to my wonderful wife Sarah who booked me in in the first place. Thanks everyone for pushing me, making me go harder and faster and keeping me honest. Eat well, move more and dont ever ever give up!”
    Nick Blacow
    Boot Camp Customer
  • client image
    “Love it! Nick and Hannah are so supportive. Would recommend it to anyone”
    Samantha Young
    Boot Camp Customer
  • debbie witney
    “For Personal Training Hannah and Nick are the best. Keep me motivated and on track.”
    Debbie Witney
    Personal Training Client
  • sarah sqwiff
    “Hannah and James are excellent - they really do push us hard! But it's not all gruelling, we have a great laugh and everyone is so friendly. Give it a go, you will start to see results after a few weeks!”
    Sarah Sqwiff
    Boot Camp Customer
  • matt kohl brooks
    “What can i say... After less than 20 sessions, i'm in the shape of my life and enjoying every minute... Thanks to all the instructors and attendees, who make it what it is... What are you waiting for? Try it out!”
    Matt Kohl Brooks
    Boot Camp Customer

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