When you first started on your weight loss, you might have found yourself feeling pretty excited about making big changes in your life. You may have also seen results pretty quickly, which could have made it relatively easy to stay on track. With each passing day, you might have noticed that you looked or felt differently or that your clothing was fitting differently. This probably made you feel pretty excited to continue.

Over time, however, it’s pretty normal to experience a plateau, where you feel that your weight loss has stopped completely. Now, you’re stuck performing the same workouts and saying no to all of your favorite foods over and over, and you aren’t seeing any more results. After going through this for a while, it can be pretty hard to stay on track. You might be feeling tempted to go back to your old ways, but these tips can help you stay on track.

1. Give Yourself a Break

The key to maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine in the long term is to give yourself a break every now and then. Otherwise, you could end up giving up completely. This doesn’t mean that you should go back to eating all of the foods that made you gain weight in the first place. However, your favorite treats can be enjoyed in moderation every now and then, particularly if you eat healthy the majority of the time and exercise. Enjoying a tasty dessert every once in a while can help you stay on track overall.

2. Switch Your Foods Up

There are all sorts of healthy foods out there that you can enjoy. If you’ve been sticking to the same things, it’s time to switch things up so that you can have some variety.

For example, enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Consider switching lean proteins between things like salmon, steak and chicken breasts. Making changes like this can keep your diet from being too boring. If you need help, consider looking up healthy recipes and meal plans online or meeting with a nutritionist.

3. Change Up Your Exercise Routine

As you probably already know, exercising is critical for both weight loss and overall health. However, hitting the gym day after day can get pretty boring.

If you’re feeling frustrated and have hit a plateau, consider switching up your exercise routine. For example, try weightlifting — it can help you burn more calories and build muscles and can give you the look that you’re craving.

Also, consider taking a class or taking up a hobby that you enjoy but that allows you to get active. A dance class might be more fun that hitting the treadmill, and playing basketball or going swimming might be more fun than hopping on the elliptical. Plus, you’ll be working your body in different ways, which means that you might see changes that you haven’t been able to enjoy since you hit your plateau.

4. Measure Progress in Different Ways

Even though you might not be seeing the same results that you once did, there’s a chance that your body is changing for the better without you even realizing it. Instead of just relying on the number on the scale, consider taking your measurements and tracking your body fat percentage. This can allow you to see the changes that you are making in a different way and can help you set new goals.

5. Hire a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can give you new ideas for weight loss and fitness and can help you set new goals. Plus, he or she can work hard to help keep you motivated when you’re ready to give up.

Getting through a plateau and accepting a weight loss journey over the long-term can be tough. If you’re looking for motivation, contact us at Oxfordshire Personal Training so that we can help.

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