It’s that time of year again. New Year’s is the time for resolutions and pledges to change habits, and what better way to succeed than by using mobile apps to help. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, exercise more, change your eating habits, or get a handle on your finances, these apps will give you the best shot at keeping that promise to yourself.

Weight loss apps

Lose it

Lose It!

Lose It! is a calorie-counting app that makes monitoring your caloric intake a breeze. The tool starts by having you enter your height, weight, and goals, and comes up with a daily calorie limit in order to lose the desired weight. The app only allows for 2 pounds a week weight loss, so it ensures you are getting a healthy amount of calories. It makes logging your foods easy, giving you the choice of either selecting foods from its exhaustive database or using your phone’s camera to scan barcodes. When foods and portions are entered, it calculates the number of calories consumed and forces you to make choices about the foods you eat. While counting calories isn’t necessarily a panacea for losing weight, the fact that it keeps food intake at the tip of your consciousness is valuable to your weight-loss goals.

Available for: iOS, Android


Another calorie-counting app, MyFitnessPal’s food database contains more than 5 million entries. Where this app excels is in its the ability to calculate exercise and count it against your daily caloric intake. Its calorie-counting feature is less intuitive than Lose It!, and while both offer exercise trackers, MyFitnessPal is more comprehensive with the latter feature. It also integrates with other apps such as FitBit, Healthkit, and Jawbone for more robust health monitoring. Overall it’s a well-designed app that will help you lose weight in a controlled, healthy manner.

Available for: iOS, Android

Fitness apps



FitStar is an app that bills itself as a mobile personal trainer. With a tailored exercise plan combined with a vast selection of exercise videos, this tool will help you get into shape in no time. All of the exercises are designed to be isometric, so no equipment is necessary. Conduct your workouts from home or anywhere you have mobile Internet access. If you need guidance in your workouts then FitBit is an excellent choice for creating a personalized exercise experience. The app is available in free and paid versions, with the $7.99 a month pro version offering many more premium features. Overall, it’s much cheaper than a gym membership.

Available for: iOS, Android

Fitnet Personal Trainer

Fitnet is another personal-training app offering a selection of video exercises. While it doesn’t have as many features as FitStar, it’s still an excellent way to get in shape from the comfort of your own home. It features the ability to compare your movements with the trainer’s and score yourself with a selfie cam so you can keep track of your progress. If you have an Apple TV or Google Chromecast, you can mirror your phone’s workouts on your TV screen for added convenience. In another exclusive feature of Fitnet, you can invite friends to download the app so you can exercise together virtually, and even compete against each other for added fun.

Available for: iOS, Android


Fitbit is a movement tracker that helps you keep track of all aspects of your daily activities. While carrying your phone, the app will track basic activities such as the number of steps taken and distance traveled, converting these movements into the number of calories burned. When paired with a Fitbit armband, the app can even track such variables as sleep patterns and all other bodily movements for a complete health picture.

Available for: iOS, Android

Nutrition apps



Foodle is an encyclopedia of nutrition, offering you a complete picture of the nutritional value of the foods you eat. See what nutrients you are consuming throughout the day with a full picture of vitamins, minerals, and amino and fatty acids. Keep a journal of your daily food choices and compile a list of your favorite healthy foods. When you’re looking to make healthy, informed dietary choices, nothing can compare to Foodle.

Available for: iOS


ShopWell is a food-suggestion app designed to help you make healthy choices. By entering basic stats about you and the goals you set, the app lets you know if the foods you plan to eat are a good match for your needs. By scanning barcodes at the grocery store or at home, it will help teach you which foods are OK to eat and which should be avoided based on any medical conditions you might have. It can also help you avoid hidden ingredients such as sugars and glutens, and to avoid potential allergens.

Available for: iOS, Android


HealthyOut is the healthy restaurant nutrition guide designed to help you stick to your diet plans while dining out. The app helps you find healthy meal choices at restaurants in your area, checks for dietary restrictions, and even supports such popular diets as Atkins, Paleo, and South Beach. It also has a feature that lets you search for healthy meals that are “not a salad.”

Available for: iOS, Android

Budgeting apps



Wally is a simple budgeting app that lets you take control over your finances. It helps you to get an understanding of where your money goes by allowing you to input expenses in different categories with an easy-to-use interface. Set a budget and stick to it with Wally.

Available for: iOS

Level Money

For a more robust financial tracking experience, Level Money is the perfect budgeting app. In addition to setting budget goals and tracking spending, Level Money will build a spending plan that automatically adjusts to your income and expenses, allowing you to make spending choices you may not have considered. You can even track spending by merchants, so you will always know how much you have spent at a particular establishment.

Available for: iOS, Android

With these apps there’s no excuse for not meeting your New Year’s goals. Whether it’s weight loss, overall health, or sound financial choices you seek, these tools will have you covered.