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At Oxfordshire Personal Training we are here to help you make a change. If there is something you are unhappy with, and you are looking for that opportunity to change it we are here to help. Our years of experience are just what you need to get you on the fast track to achieving your health and fitness goals.

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Looking to make a change?  We specialise in transformation. We help make a drastic change to your lifestyle. With our tools and techniques you will be seeing the new you in as little as 12 weeks! By working with one of our elite trainers you can have your very own transformation specialist guiding you every step of the way!

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1-1 Personal Training

The best way to achieve results is to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices, and an excellent way to learn those practices is through personal training. Our trainers have years of experience in dealing with people in similar situations to you. You can trust they know a route to your goals!


Oxfordshire personal training takes an innovative approach to program development. Our trainers take an in-depth look at your current fitness levels, building a challenging program that will continuously stimulate the body and inspire you to progress.

Education is a driving force – both for the client and the trainer. We want to empower you to understand how to advance in skill and ability, all while motivating change.

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Here are some great companies and clients we have worked with. Don’t forget to read our testimonials and be inspired by the great transformations these people have achieved.

Women’s Active
Go Active
Premier Training International
National Academy Of Sports Medicine
Park Club
Fitness First
David Lloyds Leisure
Gosford Allblacks Rugby
Matrix Fitness Systems
  • “Somebody said it Couldn't be done” Two years ago I was 220lbs, had very high blood pressure and was on the highest dose of Beta Blockers that was normally allowed. Two years later I am 40lbs lighter in weight (but I have converted even more lard into steak) my BP is back down to normal and I am Beta Blocker Free. Mission Accomplished! I couldn't have done it without the help of Nicky Eagle and Hannah Lewis at Oxfordshire Personal Training.com and of course my fellow Bootcampers who are too numerous to name. And of course to my wonderful wife Sarah who booked me in in the first place. Thanks everyone for pushing me, making me go harder and faster and keeping me honest. Eat well, move more and dont ever ever give up!
    Nick Blacow
  • I started out of curiosity and also as a bit of a dare from some friends who were already going. 4 months later and I am genuinely gutted if I have to miss a session! I’ve hit the goals I’ve set for myself and I’m now thinking about setting the next one. Nick and Hannah are an awesome couple who don’t scrimp and save with wisdom, motivation, banter and with an eagerness to see the people who go to bootcamp be the best they can be through exercise and healthy eating. I’m massively chuffed in what I’ve achieved and it’s all down to these 2 and pushing myself mentally and physically…maybe throw some chicken and spinach in there too. Give it a whirl, you never know, you might just enjoy it! Oh, & you’ll meet some great people on the way!
    James Riley

This Months Offer

OFFER : Get started this month and receive a complementary bundle of supplements to help with your Transformation. These Supplements are completely FREE* when you purchase a block of 10 session , all supplements come recommended by our trainers.

The Studio


At OPT we believe freedom of movement is the key to success for those wishing to improve their fitness. With this in mind we have created a bespoke area, free of traditional gym equipment, designed to allow our clients to move freely in as much space as possible. Gone are the traditional fixed-resistance machines, replaced instead with kettle-bells, free weights, cable machines and gymnastic equipment. Whilst our equipment may require a degree of knowledge and skill to use, all our members have a dedicated personal trainer who will ensure the necessary techniques are mastered in order to maximise fitness regimes.

The StudioPT is a no members facility. More than often you will be the only person training in the studio.

Dave Cox

Personal Trainer

Advanced personal trainer specialising in endurance races, weight loss, and boot camp training!

Shoot Day (1 of 1)
James Riley

Personal Trainer

Premier Personal Trainer, with a background in boot camp and functional training. Experienced transformation specialist.

Ryan (5 of 6)
Ryan Taylor

Personal Trainer

Elite Level Personal Trainer specialising in strength and conditioning , including weight loss transformations.

nick pressup
Nick Eagle

Master Trainer

NASM Qualified personal trainer with a background in sports performance, postural correction, and weight loss transformations.

hannah eagle
Hannah Eagle

Personal Trainer

Premier Personal Trainer with a background in hospitality and service. Weight loss specialist.

Choose your Trainer

Its your choice, Both trainers are fantastic at what they do, but if you really do have a preference to a male or female trainer then we wont be offended. Just mention it in your email when you contact us and we will make sure your trainer contacts you back.


What are you waiting for? If you are ready to make a change, and start transforming your lifestyle, body or both, then contact us today to get started.

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